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  • Ultimate Driving School run professional driving schools in Lagos, Kano, Abuja, Asaba, Ughelli, Warri, Port Harcourt, Nigeria that caters for all your driving needs, whether you are a first time, partly trained or experienced driver. Our learner driver training and defensive driving courses are structured driving lessons run by high qualified, certified and approved driving instructors
  • Our driving instructors in Lagos and Asaba Nigeria are highly skilled, using the unique SmartDriving / SmartLearners training products, materials and aids, which are useful for making learning easier, enjoyable and interactive.
  • We teach and train our learners to become the safe drivers of tomorrow.
  • Our aim is to motivate our students and make their driving experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible.
  • Our training is well structured with emphasis on safety.
  • We provide various forms of consultancy services to individuals and corporate bodies.
  • Learn to drive in Lagos, Asaba, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ughelli, Warri and Kaduna.
  • To book your driving course or to discuss your requirements, call us on +234-8070-555-444
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Accident statistics based on reported records show that the rate of accidents has been on the rise in recent times. One major reason for this high rate of road accidents is the poor driving culture. As most drivers do not train with driving schools before starting to drive, they have little or no understanding of road signs and acceptable driving procedures. Off all the factors that contribute to road crashes and accidents, human factor is considered to be the main causative factor. Nationally, the summary of the road traffic accidents (2005 to 2009) obtained in March 2010 from the Department of Policy, Research and Statistics of FRSC are as follows:
  • The total reported road traffic accidents -8,962 (2005), 9,114 (2006), 8,477 (2007), 11,341 (2008) and 10,854 (2009).
  • Fatal cases - 2,299 (2005), 2,600 (2006), 2,162 (2007), 3,024 (2008) and 2,460 (2009).
  • Persons killed - 4,519 (2005), 4,944 (2006), 4,673(2007), 6,661 (2008) and 5,693 (2009).
  • Persons injured - 15,779 (2005), 17,390 (2006), 17,794 (2007), 27,980 (2008) and 27,270 (2009).
  • Total casualty - 20,298 (2005), 22,334 (2006), 22,467 (2007), 34,641 (2008) and 32,963 (2009).
  • On average 12 people per day are killed by drivers.
  • About 80% of road accidents occur on major highways.
  • Over 82% of accidents are caused by driver or human error.
  • Majority of the accidents occur in daytime, while greater accident fatalities occur at night.
  • The highest numbers of accidents occur during the festive months, with highest figures recorded in the month of December.
  • Poor road conditions and defective road engineering contribute significantly to accidents.
So why do drivers have accidents or collisions?
  • Inappropriate speed
  • Driving too close
  • Poor observation
  • Not allowing for weather
  • Lack of experience
  • Poor driving techniques
  • Lack of anticipation and planning
  • Lack of care and concern for other road users
  • Taking risks and short cuts
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Distractions
  • Inappropriate or illegal manoeuvre
  • Driver attitude
  • Hazard perception and identification
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Most vehicle accidents are not accidents, but result from a lack of planning, anticipation, concentration, or control by those involved. New drivers need to be made aware of the correct attitude and approach from day one of their driving careers. The development of driving as a skill for life should be instilled.

According to available statistic, the current volume of traffic in Nigeria is expected to rise from 8 million to 40 million vehicles on the nation's roads by the year 2020 if Nigeria becomes one of the leading economies. The challenges of managing the attendant traffic gridlock and attending to the consequential road crashes following the increased motorisation, makes it imperative to plan ahead. One of the ways to help manage the situation is putting in place well tested driver training and testing regime. With our experience of training drivers in the United Kingdom, we have requisite expertise in training, retraining, assessing and testing of drivers. Our aim is to provide the best there is in training of drivers.

The mission of Ultimate Driving School in Asaba, Delta State is to inculcate into drivers a driving culture which considers safety first, as obtainable in developed economies of the World, using simulators, driving simulators, car driving simulators and truck driving simulators in their training and recruitment of drivers. Our founder, an Approved Driving Instructor in the United Kingdom and registered by the Driving Standard Agency (DSA), aims to achieve the same driver training standards obtainable in the United Kingdom.