Our Partners

In our bid to achieve our goal of being a foremost driving school in Nigeria and play a major role in road safety, we signed a working technical partnership agreement with Eca Faros, Lannion, France, simulation experts in the aviation, marine and automotive industries. For more information on the range of Eca Faros simulators, click here (www.ecafaros.com)

The partnership agreement signed on 29th July 2009, bestow on Ultimate Driving School as exclusive agents and distributors for Nigeria and English speaking countries of West Africa (Gambia, Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone) for the assembly and manufacturing of Eca Faros driving simulators hardware; and to supply and distribute Eca Faros driving simulators (Car, Bike and Truck).

Eca Faros was established in 1986 concentrating most on aviation simulation, and in 1994 they expanded their operations into the manufacture of automotive driving simulators and have been one of the world leaders in this field since then, with subsidiary in the United States of America.

Eca Faros have installed more than 10,000 units of automotive simulators around the world. The list of some of the clients are:
  • French Army (driving training centers, 60 car driving simulators)
  • Saudi Ministry of Interior
  • Saudi driving centers
  • Algerian Ministry of Defense
  • Algerian Police Forces
  • Tunisian Ministry of Defense
  • US Army
  • US Navy
  • Texas Police
  • British School of Motoring, UK ( 99 car driving simulators)
  • Sim2Learn, Ireland (36 car driving simulator + truck and motorbike)
  • French driving schools (around 400 car driving simulators. Eca Faros car driving simulators are approved by the French Ministry of Transportation for driving schools)
  • North European countries, more than 100 car driving simulators in driving schools
We hope to use this partnerships in expanding the scope of driver training, testing and road safety in Nigeria. In our bid to push forward the local content initiative of the Nigerian Government and help create employment, our partnership with Eca Faros, France, includes the assembly and manufacture of Eca Faros driving simulators hardware in Nigeria. This will ensure that Ultimate Driving School utilises local materials, engineering parts and human capital, leading to local value addition and promotion of technology transfer.

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